Saturday, September 4, 2021
                      Jane Tsai, managing partner of JCT Holdings, said she expects demand in Asia to be stronger than ever once vaccinations are rolled out and travel resumes.

                      LATEST NEWS

                      It’s showtime – Or is it? Suppliers have to decide

                      As in-person events begin to ramp up again, suppliers make some difficult choices about whether or not to attend and who to send.

                      Asia slowly readies itself for legal esports betting

                      Asia’s legalized esports betting scene is still lightyears away from the likes of Europe and the U.S., though there is an acknowledgment that groundwork is being laid for its future growth.?

                      CROWN INQUIRY

                      1H 2021


                      INDUSTRY UPDATES

                      Asia Gaming Briefings – August 2021 Edition

                      The focus of this August edition of the AGBriefings magazine is Australia, where there is certainly a lot to talk about. The country has shown strong resilience in the past few months. It has a strong local market that has been stimulated by government support, resulting in solid numbers, even up until the most recent state lockdowns.


                      GREATER CHINA

                      Government silent on concession renewals

                      The Macau government is ing under increasing pressure to announce a delay to the retendering of its casino concessions, as the clock ticks for the city’s six operators with no visibility over the process.

                      SOUTH EAST ASIA

                      Alliance Global plans Boracay casino at Newcoast development

                      Business tycoon Andrew Tan has confirmed that his pany, Alliance Global, plans to move ahead with a casino at the Boracay Newcoast mixed-use development.

                      NORTH ASIA

                      Paradise, GKL post improved August sales from month prior

                      South Korean operators Paradise Co. and Grand Korea Leisure have both reported improved casino revenue for August pared with the prior month.


                      NWS regulator names barrister Gillian Eldershaw to the board

                      The New South Wales Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority, which regulates casinos and alcohol-serving, has appointed barrister Gillian Eldershaw to the board.


                      Outlook for ASEAN gaming downgraded due to slow opening: MS

                      The outlook for Southeast Asian gaming stocks has been downgraded to "in-line" by analysts at Morgan Stanley, who cite the slow pace of reopening and potential drag from China's clampdown on overseas gambling.

                      SOUTH ASIA

                      Courts uphold skill-game legality in major step forward for industry

                      India is viewed as one of the most promising markets in Asia for the skill-based online gambling industry and recent court rulings have helped cement the legality of the practice.


                      ASEAN Gaming Summit 2022

                      We're very excited to finally be able to start preparing for the return of the ASEAN Gaming Summit, which will run on March 22-23, 2022 at Shangri-La Manila, Philippines. This will be an in-person conference aimed at convening Asia's leading land-based and online gaming and wagering executives.

                      Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) 2022

                      The Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) is the place to see new products and services, network, attend thought-provoking seminars, seek...

                      IAGR Boston Conference

                      SiGMA Americas Virtual Expo

                      EGR Power Affiliates Summit

                      SBC Summit Barcelona

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